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A guide for services at Chinese banks in Beijing.

This guide is written based on services at the Bank of China. Other banks may be different (but are likely to be generally similar).

Regarding all of your bank dealings:

You will usually have to get a ticket by selecting "Personal Banking" – and then wait in line for your number to be called. (It will also usually appear on a screen.)

Your passport will be required for many different types of bank services.

You can sign forms in English.

ATM Card and Passbook Account with Telephone Banking and E-Banking

About this Account

This account is good for daily use of RMB and allows you to get information about your account online and over the phone.

You will receive an ATM card that you can use to withdraw cash and pay for things in many stores. This account has a 10-yuan annual fee, and opening the account requires a 5-yuan card fee. The opening deposit must be larger than 1 yuan. It is also possible to make deposits in foreign currency.

You will also receive an electronic key to use online and will be able to get information on your account by phone. You can set passwords individually for each access point for your account - one password for online, one for your ATM card, etc. – or you can also set all passwords to be the same.

You can go to any branch to receive money from another party, withdraw, deposit, use an ATM, or close your account.

How to Open a New Account – key points:

1. You will be asked to create a six digit password (PIN) for your passbook, and to enter the number twice.

2. You will be given an envelope-shaped paper containing a pre-printed password for your card. You will be asked to type in this password to activate your card.

3. You will be required to sign two documents to confirm that you are opening an account. One covers the rules of the account, and the other is to confirm the opening of the account.

The following key steps concern registration for telephone banking service:

1. The teller will ask you to enter the password for your card (this refers to the pre-printed password on the envelope-shaped paper in step 2).

2. The teller will ask you to enter the password for your passbook (this is the password you created in step 1).

3. You will then have to type in the card password (from step 2) twice.

4. Create a new password for telephone banking, entering it twice.

5. Sign two documents to confirm that you are registering for the telephone banking service.

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