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Autumnal hues sweep China's scenery

Updated: Nov 22, 2017 China Daily Print

Every October, landscapes across China become tinged with vibrant autumnal colors as russet and ocher hues sweep the country's scenery.

Warm sunshine bathes the central provinces and turns leaves a brilliant red, as early snows lay their first blanket to the north. Everywhere you travel, you can join visitors from around the world in catching a breathtaking glimpse of China's nature in transition.


Hundreds of spectators turns out for the fall foliage season in Kuangzigou Scenic Zone in Liaoning province. [Photo by Li Hongxin/Xinhua]


The scenery along the Hepu-Napo Expressway in Guangxi is out of this world. [Photo by Peng Huan/China Daily]

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