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Further efforts urged to standardize administrative law enforcement

Updated: Jan 04, 2019 english.gov.cn Print

The State Council recently issued a circular pressing for improvements in the administrative enforcement of law.

The circular was issued in a bid to safeguard people’s legal rights, preserve the government’s credibility, and eventually usher in a law-governing environment with increased transparency, regulation, fairness, and efficacy.

An implementation plan is in place for the announcement of the new policies on administrative law enforcement, with information on government work set to be disclosed to the public beforehand.

Additionally administrative law enforcement staff should make their identities clear in the execution of their duties, and law enforcement verdicts should be made public within a certain time frame.

Administrative law enforcement should be recorded and documented in all regions, in the form of text and audio-visual media, among others, keeping track of law enforcement proceedings, investigations, evidence collection, auditing, verdicts, and more.

These recordings should be systematically filed, in order to keep minutes on the process of law enforcement.

An examination and approval system of significant administrative law enforcement verdicts should come into force as well.

Departments concerned should conduct examinations and approve important cases before verdicts are released. Cases that fail to pass the related examination and approval procedure will have no right to pass verdicts.

Further efforts are needed to digitize administrative law enforcement, using big data, cloud computing and other technological approaches, in a bid to establish a comprehensive management and supervision e-platform, by making the most of existing information systems and data.

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