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Top court focuses on handling of international commercial disputes

Updated: Dec 06, 2018 chinadaily.com.cn Print


China has clarified the procedures for two new courts specialized in handling international commercial disputes as well as the responsibilities of an expert panel set up to facilitate case hearings.

The Supreme People’s Court issued three documents relating to the courts and panel on Wednesday.

It comes five months after the courts were established in Shenzhen and Xi’an to handle major international commercial disputes, particularly those related to the Belt and Road Initiative.

The SPC has also set up a 32-member committee of international experts to provide advice and suggestions on how to resolve conflicts through litigation, meditation or arbitration.

The documents released Wednesday, which took immediate effect, were on regulating operation of the courts and the duties of the committee, including procedures for case hearings, delivery and implementation.

Issuing the documents is a major step to implementing a guideline on building the Belt and Road International Commercial Disputes Resolution Mechanism and Institution, which was approved by the central leadership in January, according to Luo Dongchuan, vice-president of SPC.

“The documents will not only contribute to pushing forward the Belt and Road Initiative but also be significant in the efficient alleviation of related disputes,” he said.

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