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Transfer of a person under sentence

Updated: Aug 16, 2017 english.legalinfo.gov.cn Print

The process of transferring a criminal has evolved in recent years in China. If a foreigner accused of a crime is imprisoned in China, that person will face language, material, and cultures difficulties, so the transfer of that person to the country of origin for imprisonment avoids difficulties and recognizes the jurisdiction of the country. If a Chinese citizen has committed a crime abroad, transferring that person to China for imprisonment helps protect its citizens and allows the imprisoned person to be in a familiar social environment and to get education and reform so as to return to regular life as soon as possible. Therefore, transferring criminals is in conformation with a principle of humane penalties advocated by the modern criminal justice system, and embodies a principle of mutual help and mutual benefit between countries. Many countries cooperate in this way, and conventions, treaties, and domestic legislation are becoming more common.

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