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What we do

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1. Draft guidelines, policies, laws and regulations concerning management of judicial affairs; devise department codes; make and implement plans.

2. Supervise the nation's prisons, decide on criminal penalties and reforming offenders.

3. Supervise drug rehabilitation.

4. Plan and improve legal awareness and guide local governments and industries in understanding the laws.

5. Supervise lawyers and the notarization process and lawyers in the Hong Kong and Macao special administrative regions in notary work.

6. Manage legal aid across the nation.

7. Develop local justice administrators and manage mediation, community corrections, grass-roots legal services, and the education of convicts on release programs.

8. Arrange national judiciary exams.

9. Supervise judiciary institutions and authenticators.

10. Help draft and implement treaties on international judicial assistance as the central authority.

11. Guide cooperation with foreign judicial offices; work with UN offices in crime prevention and criminal justice and handle judicial administrative affairs for Hong Kong and Macao.

12. Manage firearms, ammunitions, uniforms, and vehicles and the finances of justice departments.

13. Help with team building and personnel training in justice departments, and with polices, and assist provinces, autonomous regions and cities in supervising local judicial officers.

14. Handle related affairs from the State Council.

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