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China to pilot computerized judicial exam

Updated: Jun 05, 2017 Xinhua Print

Candidates for China's annual judicial examination will complete the test using computers as part of a new pilot program, according to the Ministry of Justice.

A computer-based pilot program will be introduced in five examination districts in southwest China's Chongqing and four provinces across the country, said Jia Liqun, director of the ministry's national judicial examination division.

In 2016, the ministry set up 249 examination districts nationwide and a total of 438,000 people took the two-day examination.

The new test method will promote digitalization of the exam and reduce security risks, said Jia.

The national judicial examination, one of the most exacting national tests in China, is the professional qualification for lawyers, judges, prosecutors and other related careers.

The examination tests candidates on legal theory and applications, current law and regulations, legal practice and professional ethics.

According to central authorities' reform plan, the judicial examination will be transformed into a unified qualification exam for legal professionals.

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