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China-Africa high-level seminar on intellectual property system and policies held in Guangzhou

Updated: Nov 16, 2018 CNIPA Print


2018 China-Africa High-Level Seminar on Intellectual Property System and Policies was held in Guangzhou on November 11. Commissioner Shen Changyu of China National Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) and Director General Dénis Loukou Bohoussou of African Intellectual Property Organization (OAPI) attended the opening ceremony and delivered speeches. CNIPA Deputy Commissioner He Zhimin hosted the opening ceremony. Director Chen Hongbing of World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) Office in China attended and addressed the opening ceremony.

Shen Changyu remarked in his speech that China always pays high attention to the friendly relations and cooperation with African countries, and CNIPA has been ceaselessly strengthened cooperation and communication with OAPI and IP authorities of African countries, in which way effectively promoted the mutual development of IP in all countries. He pointed out that the seminar is a significant move in implementing achievements of 2018 Beijing Summit of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, deepening IP cooperation between China and Africa, and jointly promoting the Belt and Road construction. Sharing latest development of China-Africa IP cooperation and exchanging IP system and policies of China and Africa will lay a solid foundation for deepening mutual understanding, promoting friendship and enhancing practical cooperation in the future.

Dénis Loukou Bohoussou extended his congratulations to China's achievements in IP development in the recent years. He expressed his wish that through the seminar China may share its experiences, and China and Africa may further expand the field of cooperation as well as promote the mutual economic development and scientific and cultural exchanges.

The seminar, with the theme of "IP System and Policies", was co-hosted by CNIPA and WIPO. The week-long seminar will, in forms of special lectures, field researches and panel discussion, provide full communication on issues of development and practice of IP including patent, trademark and geographical indication, IP services, improvement of IP awareness of the public, and promotion of middle and small-sized enterprises. Over 50 members, including IP commissioners or high representatives from WIPO, OAPI and its 17 member states, Morocco and Tunisia, and Chinese IP experts and scholars, attended the seminar.

During the meeting, Shen Changyu also had a meeting with Dénis Loukou Bohoussou. Shen Changyu remarked that OPAI plays a crucial role in promoting IP coordination and development of Africa. OAPI has been an important partner of CNIPA for a long time, and the two offices have maintained good cooperation. He hoped to, through the seminar, enhance mutual understanding with colleagues of OAPI, so as to lay a solid foundation for deepening practical cooperation in the future. Dénis Loukou Bohoussou expressed his thanks to CNIPA for its assistance to the development of African IP undertakings. He expressed that China's achievements in both economic and IP undertakings attract worldwide attention, and African countries have always regarded China as a learning model. He hoped that the seminar may further promote the IP cooperation between China and Africa, and promote the mutual relationship to a new level. (Translated from CNIPA Website Chinese Version)

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