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SAFEA chief inspects poverty alleviation tech projects in Sichuan province

Updated: Feb 13, 2018 Print

Zhang Jianguo, deputy minister of human resources and social security and administrator of the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs (SAFEA), led a delegation to Pingshan county, Sichuan province to inspect poverty alleviation through technology and talent introduction from Jan 29 to 30.


Zhang Jianguo visits Liuyiwu village.[photo/]

On the 30th Zhang went to the village of Liuyiwu, Jinping town to learn about SAFEA’s poverty alleviation project -- a demonstration base for promoting high-quality hybrid citrus. Zhang asked about the growth conditions of the fruit and the economic benefits.

With the support of SAFEA, the project was successfully carried out with nearly 824 acres in Liuyiwu, Xincun, Qingnian and Gonghe villages of Jinping town, becoming one of the pillar industries of Pingshan county.


Zhang Jianguo visits Hongyang demonstration projects of kiwi cultivation in Xuguang village.[photo/]

The project has helped 1,465 people from 326 households in the Liuyiwu village to increase their incomes. Zhang said that SAFEA will continue to support this project and help solve problems encountered in its industrialization.

The delegation also visited the Hongyang demonstration projects of kiwi cultivation in Xuguang village, Simmental cattle breeding and Zika rabbit breeding in Longhua town.


Zhang Jianguo visits families at Xuguang village in Longhua town.[photo/]

At the Zika rabbit breeding demonstration base, Zhang talked with lead expert Huang Dengping from the Sichuan Provincial Academy of Animal Science who is assisting with the project. Zhang said Huang's academy should continue to provide technological guidance to promote the development of the rabbit cultivation industry in Pingshan county.

Zhang spoke highly of the effective role played by these projects in optimizing the agricultural industrial structure in Pingshan county and advancing efforts to eliminate poverty.

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