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New requirement about foreigner’s work permit published

Updated: Dec 20, 2017 Print

According to an announcement published by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs on Dec 7, all foreigners are required to submit their application for Chinese work permit renewal 30 days ahead of the expiration of their permits. The regulation will take effect on February 28, 2018. Those who fail to comply will be denied renewal and must start a new application for a work permit.

This announcement was issued by the State Administration of Foreign Experts Affairs, not the regional Foreign Experts Bureau, so it applies to any city in China. Under the new regulation, every applicant should clearly know how many days one should prepare for work permit renewal before the current permit expires. Persons applying only a few days before their expiration date for a work permit renewal will absolutely be unable to work.

Applicants should leave sufficient time for the work permit renewal; 2-3 months are recommended. Also, preparing documents in advance is recommended. For work permit renewals, proof of non-criminal record and supportive documentation for working experience in an overseas country are not needed; others requirements are the same as for first-time applications.

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