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How do foreigners attempting to adopt children in China undertake registration?

Updated: Jul 18, 2017 Print

First, foreigners attempting to adopt children in China shall come to China for undergoing registration procedures in person. If a foreign couple adopts a child together, they shall both come to China to undergo registration procedures; if one of the couple cannot come for some reasons, the other party shall be authorized in written form, and the power of attorney shall be notarized and authenticated by the country in which they reside.

Second, foreigners attempting to adopt children in China shall sign adoption agreements with placing persons. The agreement shall be in three copies, one is kept by the adopter, one by the placing person, and the third by the adoption registration organ when undergoing adoption registration procedures.

Third, the foreigner adopters, adoptees and placing person should come to the civil affairs department of the people’s government of a province, an autonomous region or a municipality together to undertake registration. When registering the adoption, the foreign adopters shall fill out the registration application for adoption of a child in China by a foreigner; submit the notice sent by the Chinese adoption organization that they may come to China to adopt a child in China and the adopter’s identity card and photographs.

After receiving the registration application for adoption of a child by a foreigner in China, the adoption registration organ should conduct examination within seven days; if the requirements of Measures for Registration of Adoption of Children by Foreigners in the People's Republic of China are met, the adoption shall be registered for the parties concerned, and an adoption registration certificate be issued. The adoptive relationship comes into existence from the date of the registration.

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