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Li Keqiang meets with winners of Chinese Government Friendship Award

Updated: Oct 06, 2016 Print


Premier Li Keqiang speaks at the Great Hall of the People on Sep 30.[photo/]

Premier Li Keqiang met with winners of the Chinese Government Friendship Award and their families in the Great Hall of the People on Sept 30.


Premier Li Keqiang speaks at the Great Hall of the People on Sep 30.[photo/]

Li congratulated the foreign experts for winning the award. He said that foreign experts have been helping China introduce advanced technology and management experience, and have played a unique role in cultural and personal exchanges. Some foreign experts were working in remote areas in middle and western China, some took part in major engineering projects, and others worked in education and medical fields.

China has launched a more open and inclusive policy for foreign experts. China will provide a fair legal environment for foreign intellectuals. The application for “Green cards” will be streamlined, and two certificates for foreign workers will be combined into one. Foreign talents are encouraged to apply for national research programs and their intellectual property rights will be protected.


Premier Li Keqiang speaks at the Great Hall of the People on Sep 30.[photo/]

Li said that China and the rest of the world is a community of common destiny, and they should learn from each other. Li hopes that the foreign experts will act as ambassadors for China and help more foreign friends learn about China.

The award winners thanked the Chinese government for presenting the awards, and said that they will cherish this honor and do their best to assist the development of China. They also took part in the reception celebrating the 67th anniversary of the founding of China.

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