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Foreign talents rewarded for contributions to China

Updated: Sep 30, 2015 Print


Vice-Premier Ma Kai presented medals to foreign experts at the 2015 Friendship Award ceremony, at the Great Hall of the People on Sept 29.

Addressing the ceremony, Ma expressed congratulations to winners and extended greetings to all foreign experts working in China. He said that as more than 600,000 foreign experts come to China every year and become an important part of the country’s modernization process the Chinese government and its people will never forget their efforts and deep friendship with China.


The vice-premier stressed that with China’s economy entering a new period of upgrading, it provides rare opportunities for the career development of foreign experts, and China is ready to welcome talents from all walks of life. To facilitate this, the government will implement more open and active policies to attract foreigners, creating a better environment for them to realize their dreams.


The Friendship Award is the top honor to reward foreign experts who have made a major contribution to China’s modernization.

A total of 50 foreign experts from 21 countries received the honor.


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