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Wang Yi talks about the results of the second ministerial meeting of the China-CELAC Forum

Updated: Jan 23, 2018 Print


On January 22, 2018 local time, after the Second Ministerial Meeting of the Forum of China and the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC), Foreign Minister Wang Yi and Foreign Ministers of Chile and El Salvador jointly met the press. Wang Yi expressed that the complete success of the Second Ministerial Meeting of China-CELAC Forum has achieved another transoceanic handshake between China and Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) in the new era and opened a new chapter of overall cooperation between China and LAC countries. Both China and LAC countries uphold multilateralism, safeguard the free trade system, devote themselves to the building of an open global economy and promote economic globalization to develop in an inclusive, universally beneficial, balanced and win-win direction. We look forward to working with LAC countries to jointly push China-LAC comprehensive cooperative partnership to a new high.

Wang Yi expressed that this meeting has consolidated the consensus of unity and cooperation. The Chinese side introduced the Belt and Road Initiative advocated by President Xi Jinping. Other countries actively responded to the initiative and the two parties reached political consensus on this matter. The meeting also issued the special statement on the "Belt and Road". Many LAC countries noted that the "Belt and Road" is a great initiative and they really hope to be part of it. The two sides agreed that the joint construction of the "Belt and Road" will provide new ideas, inject fresh vitality and explore new prospects for China-LAC comprehensive cooperative partnership. The two sides stand ready to realize optimization, upgrading and innovative development of cooperation in the process of promoting the "Belt and Road" so as to create a new pattern of China-LAC cooperation featuring broader fields, better structure, stronger impetus and higher quality.

Wang Yi noted that this meeting has focused on actions of common development. The Chinese side put forward suggestions on how to deepen China-LAC "1+3+6" cooperation framework proposed by President Xi Jinping, which were actively responded by LAC countries. First, we should build greater connectivity integrating land and ocean. Cooperation on infrastructure construction and connectivity should be strengthened to form a major passage across the Pacific which connects Latin America with Asia. Second, we should foster a grand market featuring openness and mutual benefit. We should jointly promote trade and investment facilitation and welcome various LAC countries to actively participate in the China International Import Expo. Third, we should build independent and advanced major industries, speed up production capacity cooperation, and support LAC in building an independent and diversified industrial system at an early date. Fourth, we should seize the great opportunity of innovation-driven growth, enhance cooperation in emerging fields and follow an innovative and green development path. Fifth, we should conduct major exchanges featuring equality and mutual trust. The mutual learning in people-to-people and cultural fields should be expanded to lay a solid foundation for the long-term development of the relations between China and LAC.

Wang Yi expressed that this meeting made the path of win-win cooperation clear. The meeting adopted three outcome documents including the Declaration of Santiago, Joint Action Plan of China-LAC Cooperation (Priority Areas) (2019-2021) and Special Statement on the Belt and Road Initiative. These documents mainly reflected the clear wills of the two sides to deepen cooperation and seek common development in the new stage. The meeting has formulated specific measures of cooperation on priority areas such as politics and security, trade, investment, finance, infrastructure and transportation, launched cooperation in the new fields such as anti-corruption, drug control, and anti-cybercrime and highlighted the new concepts of innovation-driven, green and sustainable development.

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