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Taishan Mountain

Updated: Jul 26, 2018 Print


Sunrise on Taishan Mountain [Photo/Xinhua]

Located in East Shandong province, China, Taishan Mountain covers a total area of 426 sq km, and has a summit of 1,545 meters.

It was among the first spots to be selected as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage in China and is well known for its spectacular grandness, elevation, width and solemnity.

The mountain is popular for its cragged cliffs, deep canyons and gorges, grotesque peaks and strange rocks. They are all adorned with luxuriant vegetation, springs and streams and twittering birds.

The mountain also has unique and marvelous wonders such as its views of the rising sun at dawn, its jade-colored sea of clouds, the aura appearing around Bixia Temple and the rosy clouds at sunset.

The mountain has long been regarded as a holy mountain and a symbol of peace and unity. It is also the place where the ancient Chinese emperors held memorial ceremonies and worshiped their gods. Many traditional Chinese poems were written in praise of its majesty.

Address: Tai'an, Shandong province


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