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E-archives management system introduced in Lin-gang| Updated: Aug 20, 2021 L M S

A new e-archives management system has reportedly been introduced in the Lin-gang Special Area, situated in East China's Shanghai city, which promises more efficient and accessible storage of invaluable data in the years to come.

Under the system, electronic documents concerning administrative assessments and approvals can be transferred to electronic files – enabling a more intelligent archives management process.

In February, the Lin-gang Special Area Administration added an upgrade to the electronic archives for the local government data governance system as one of the main objectives for the current year's work program – which seeks to streamline the administration and delegate power, improve regulations and improve services.

Under the new data storage system, archived items are collated and evaluated and the independent project approval processes are integrated on a project approval platform. This allows more complete resource collection, higher archiving efficiency and stronger controls, according to a senior official in archives management.

The Lin-gang Special Area is also the Shanghai electronic archives "single system" pilot area. The electronic document archiving currently focuses on the approval of water and soil conservation schemes and other approval matters on the online platform for government services.

It is understood that the electronic document archiving will also introduce institutional innovation procedures in Lin-gang. This will include the provision that those who can provide electronic certificates are exempt from submitting physical certificates.


The electronic documents of administrative examination and approval items in the Lin-gang Special Area recently can now be transferred to electronic files. [Photo/WeChat account: shlgguanweihui]


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