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Lin-gang Special Area sets to become talent hub| Updated: Dec 18, 2020 L M S


Talent service organizations are set up in the Lin-gang Special Area to provide better services for people. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]

The Lin-gang Special Area in East China's megacity of Shanghai has a series of policies in order to recreate the area as a recruitment hub, according to local officials.

Under the policies, requirements for obtaining the Shanghai hukou, or a household registration in Lin-gang, were relaxed.

Yang Wu, deputy director of the division of human resources of Lin-gang Special Area Administration, said that the new relaxed hiring policies are applied to international and domestic talent.

Li Yirun, an overseas student talent who came to work in Lin-gang in 2019, obtained permanent residence in Shanghai in August.

"It took only two and a half months from the submission of documents to obtaining the household registration" Li said.

As he met the requirement for overseas returnees to settle Lin-gang, he only needs to pay social insurance for six months before he can apply for household registration.

Officials said that in addition, policies were also relaxed for highly trained professionals.

This year, six of the 20 "Lin-gang craftsmen" who want to settle down in Lin-gang have obtained household registration under the category of special talent.

According to Yang Wu, the evaluation of special talents is comprehensive.

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