China (Liaoning) International Trade Single Window

Updated: 2018-04-19

Single-window customs clearance is now in place in Shenyang, allowing companies to declare cargo and taxes in one step. 

The "single window" uses a new generation of information technology to simplify the port's business, reshape its development and operations and promote the "intelligent port" process in Liaoning province.

Specifically, the system combines customs declaration and inspection in one system, synthesizing 100 items from 169 customs declaration items. By using the platform companies are provided with cargo manifest declaration and ship declaration; they can also deal with customs clearance logistics information inquiries. These simplified corporate customs clearance procedures improve the efficiency of customs clearance. Enterprises only need to enter the declaration information once; it's then transferred between departments.

Through the information system, enterprises can check the status of the inspection process of ship and cargo.

In addition, the new system requires companies and related departments to share feedback about the procedures with the supervisory authority.

The comprehensive information inquiry system for customs clearance provides document status, logistics information, and ship information. The reporting efficiency has increased by more than 50 percent and labor cost has been reduced by one-third.

From the data on one page the "single window" can modify and update all associated pages synchronously. This ability avoids any negligence and human error and improves work efficiency. 

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