Shenyang Blower (Group) Co

Updated: 2016-09-05

The Shenyang Blower (Group) Co is a strategic leader in China's technical equipment industry that supplies large ethylene and oil refineries and the coal chemical industry, and large electric power, metallurgy and other major national projects for national economic security. Its production value exceeded 11 billion yuan, in 2011. It employs 7,000 people.

The Group has first-class technology and manufacturing skills and can produce 1,000,000 tons of large ethylene units, annually, 10 million tons of oil refining equipment, 600,000 tons of PTA, 1,000,000 tons of methanol, long-distance pipeline compressors, 125-ton high-thrust reciprocating compressors, and one million kW nuclear thermal power pumps, and standby pumps for national defense equipment.

In the petrochemical and nuclear power equipment industry, Shenyang Blower is regarded as globally competitive and has helped break the multinational technological monopoly, gaining a great reputation in the process.