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Hulunbuir completes mass nucleic acid testing, all results negative

2021-08-10 (

The city of Hulunbuir in North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region launched a nucleic acid testing campaign for all residents living in Hailaar, Ewenki Autonomous Banner, and Chen Barga Banner on Aug 6.

The new move was introduced after one resident's nucleic acid test came back positive on Aug 5.

The resident lives in Hailaar and had close contact with a confirmed case in Yinchuan city in Northwest China's Ningxia Hui autonomous region.

According to information from the Hulunbuir Epidemic Prevention and Control Headquarters on Aug 9, Hulunbuir has completed nucleic acid testing on all residents in the designated testing area. 

A total of 477,235 people were sampled and tested, and all results were negative.

To date, there have been no new confirmed cases, suspected cases, or asymptomatic infections in Hulunbuir.

The local confirmed case, surnamed Tong, was diagnosed by experts at two-level medical institutes in the city of Hulunbuir and Hailaar district, and clinically confirmed as a common case of COVID-19.

Tong is still being treated in isolation in Hailaar District People's Hospital.

Tong is in stable condition, with a maximum night temperature of 37.3 C, and his occasional cough, sputum, sore throat, and fatigue have been alleviated.