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IMNU Party members join fight against outbreak


Some 51 Party members from Inner Mongolia Normal University have been helping out in the housing areas of its Shengle Campus and Saihan Campus, to carry out prevention and control work against the novel coronavirus, according to IMNU officials.

The Party committee of IMNU called on its members to help fill the gaps at the campuses caused by insufficient staff on duty due to the epidemic.

Officials said that in just one day, 51 Party members applied to help. Some Party members still at home under isolation also asked to join the volunteer team immediately after their quarantine period ends.

Party members assisted in the disinfection of vehicles entering the housing areas and also helped to take the temperatures of residents.

In the last few days, some Party member volunteers also helped with household information statistics and the distribution of publicity materials.


A Party member from IMNU helps with the registration of vehicles entering the housing areas. [Photo/IMNU]