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IMNU library receives donation from late teacher’s offspring


A collection of books and manuscripts of the late teacher Na Lin and her husband Zhao Zhenbei was donated to Inner Mongolia Normal University at a ceremony held at the university's library Jan 2. 

Na Lin was one of the most important figures in the development of the discipline of ethnic history at IMNU. She devoted her whole life to the university's national and pedagogical education since she started working at IMNU in 1956.

Na Lin initiated the addition of a compulsory course, general history of Mongolian, to the university's teaching plan in the 1980s, and actively applied for qualification to grant master's degrees. 

Thanks to her efforts, the History School was honored with qualification to grant master's degrees in the study of Chinese minority history in 1986, which was an important step in the development of the history discipline at the university.

Na Lin's husband, Zhao Zhenbei, joined the Communist Party of China in 1946 and served as a Party and government leader in Xilingol League, Inner Mongolia autonomous region. 

Once a member of the Standing Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) of Inner Mongolia, Zhao was dedicated to the Party's socialist revolution and social construction in Inner Mongolia, and made great contributions to the adjustment of animal husbandry policies in the 1960s. 

Na Lin's daughter, Tao Di, expressed her hopes that the library can utilize these literary materials collected by her parents throughout their lives in a special area where teachers and students can read them. 

Zhou Yue, director of the IMNU library, said that the library will take good care of these donated documents in the Na Lin Zhao Zhenbei Area, so that they can better serve the construction and development of the university.


Zhou Yue (right), director of the Library of Inner Mongolia Normal University, grants a certificate to the late teachers Na Lin and Zhao Zhenbei’s daughter, Tao Di to honor her donations of er parents’ books and manuscripts. [Photo/IMNU]