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Institute for the History of Science and Technology


The Institute for the History of Science and Technology was set up in 2009, growing out of the Institute for the History of Science of IMNU, which has a long history of researching on and teaching the history of science and technology. 


Li Di, a famous science historian of Inner Mongolia Normal University.

In 1956, Li Di arrived from Northeast Normal University and pioneered the studies in this field.

In 1978, IMNU began fostering graduates majoring in the History of Mathematics.

In 1981, IMNU was authorized to issue master's degrees.

In 1983, the former Institute for the History of Science was established.

In 2006, the institute was authorized to issue PhD degrees in History of Science and Technology, a first-level discipline.

In 2012, the institute became a mobile post-doctoral station in the displine, bringing its research and education to a higher level.


A photo of teachers in the Institute for the History of Science and Technology

The researchers and teachers at the institute pay special attention to academic innovation. They have explored new research areas in the history of science and technology of minority groups, mathematics, physics, technology, astronomy, educational technology, mathematics education, exchanges between China, Japan and Korea, and science and technology in the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912). So far, dozens of research projects have been completed.


Academic achievements 

The institute intends to become a research, education, documentation and academic exchange center for the study of the history of science and technology.