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Hohhot enjoys exponential growth over past 70 years



A news conference to announce the achievements that Hohhot has made over the past 70 years is held on Sept 26. [Photo/hhhtnews]

Hohhot, capital city of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, saw tremendous economic growth over the past 70 years, local officials announced at a news conference held in Hohhot in Inner Mongolia autonomous region on Sept 26.

Last year the city's regional GDP hit 290.35 billion yuan ($40.8 billion), 1,045 times higher than in 1949 and per capita GDP exceeded 93,000 yuan, 239 times higher than in 1949.

Hohhot's GDP growth rate has ranked it first among the 27 capital cities in China for seven consecutive years.

The media conference was held to celebrate the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China.

According to the conference, the industrial output value of capital city soared from 9.38 million yuan in 1949 to 14.02 billion yuan last year. The city has developed a raft of industrial clusters in the dairy, electricity, biologic pharmacy and other sectors.

The media conference was told that Hohhot last year achieved the added value of 199.4 billion yuan in the service industry, 2,850 times higher than the figure in 1949.