Hohhot hosts 25 new provincial service industrial clusters


This year, Hohhot has established 25 modern service industrial clusters so far, accounting for a quarter of the existing clusters in Inner Mongolia autonomous region.

The 25 clusters include two central business districts, three modern logistics parks, five large specialized markets, six high-tech venture parks and four tourism and resorts zones.

During the first half of 2019, the 25 clusters grossed 31.33 billion yuan ($4.46 billion) in sales, 2.68 billion in investments, attracted 7,947 companies to base themselves there and created 81,518 jobs for locals. 

Meanwhile, Hohhot is promoting increasing interactions between the modern services industry and the advanced manufacturing industry. Almost half of the 25 clusters located in the 13 provincial development zones are in Hohhot.

Officials said the productive services sector – including such areas as research and development, logistics, marketing and finance -- has upgraded the manufacturing industry, lowered intermediate service costs, boosted product competitiveness and paved the way for the development of an advanced manufacturing industry.