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Hohhot's big data industry enters fast lane


Hohhot, North China's Inner Mongolia autonomous region, has accelerated the development of its big data industry, according to local media reports.

In recent years, Inner Mongolia has seen rapid development in its big data and cloud computing industry. The region was approved as a national pilot area for big data infrastructure in 2016. Its data center is among the most advanced in the nation and is capable of installing more than 1.1 million servers.

Hohhot's Horinger New Area has led the region in the development of the big data industry.

In November last year, a public service platform for high-performance computing was established in Horinger New Area. The platform was designed to  provide services in areas like artificial intelligence and statistical learning. It aims to attract an array of high-tech companies and improve the innovation capacity of local companies.

Wu Yongwei, a professor at Tsinghua University, said that Horinger New Area boasts high-quality infrastructure and its low electricity prices are a strong incentive for big data and cloud computing companies to operate there.

Horinger New Area is also planning to attract scientific institutions such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences to operate super computers in the area.