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15,000 runners compete in Hohhot marathon



Runners from around the world crowd behind the start line of the 2019 Hohhot Marathon in the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on May 25. [Photo/nm.people.cn]

A total of 15,000 runners from across the world competed in the 2019 Hohhot Marathon in the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region on May 25.

The event was hosted by the Chinese Athletic Association, People's Daily, the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region Sports Bureau, and the Hohhot municipal people's government.

It included a full marathon, a 10-kilometer marathon, and a mini marathon. The full marathon started at the Inner Mongolia Ethnic Minority Mass Culture and Sports Activity Center, the official venue for Inner Mongolia's 70th anniversary celebrations.

Mayor Feng Yuzhen said during his opening remarks that sports and fitness have become major pastimes among locals since the first marathon was held on July 8 last year.

He said that more than 10,000 runners participated in the first marathon, which helped spread awareness of the national fitness campaign.

This year, the organizers introduced forums to the event and invited runners from media organizations in Beijing to attend the event.

Hohhot, as the capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, boasts a history of 400 years and is rich in natural resources. With temperatures in May averaging between 16 C and 28 C, the city is an ideal place for running.

Aiming to improve its fitness culture, Hohhot has stepped up efforts to promote fitness among locals and has increased investment in sports.

According to the government, the number of sports fields per capita in the city is now higher than the national average.

Feng Yuzhen.jpg

Feng Yuzhen, major of Hohhot, speaks at the opening ceremony for the 2019 Hohhot Marathon on May 25. [Photo/nm.people.cn]

start line.jpg

Runners race across the start line during the marathon in Hohhot, Inner Mongolia autonomous region on May 25. [Photo/nm.people.cn]

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