‘Zhaojun’ dance performed in Hohhot



Performers hold Khata (a traditional ceremonial scarf) to welcome tourists at Zhaojun Museum in Hohhot, North China’s Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on June 10. [Photo/nmgcb.cn]

A traditional dance from Inner Mongolia titled “Zhaojun” was staged at the Zhaojun Museum in Hohhot, capital of Inner Mongolia autonomous region, on July 10.

The drama was performed by Hohhot National Performing Arts Group.

Integrating the cultures of ethnic Mongolians with China’s majority Han group, the drama retold the story of Zhaojun who married the leader of Xiongnu Huhanye during the Western Han Dynasty (206 BC-AD 24), promoting the philosophy of harmony between peoples to ensure national unity.

An equestrian show was also staged during the drama, attracting the attention of curious tourists.

Around 100 performers also took part in a parade to welcome visitors, with a series of activities featuring the themes of five exhibition areas being held in the museum.

The Zhaojun Museum recently reopened to visitors on July 7 following renovation work and an upgrade of its facilities, thanks to funding from the Hohhot government. The government funding demonstrates the museum's importance in helping preserve the long and rich history of Inner Mongolia autonomous region.


A traditional dance from Inner Mongolia titled “Zhaojun” is staged in Hohhot, July 10. [Photo/chinanews.com.cn]