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Graduate Destinations

Updated: Sep 5, 2022

There were 244 graduates in the first class of 2021. Of them, 126 went to further their education in China or abroad, accounting for 51.63 percent of the total graduates. Other graduates got jobs or started their own businesses, accounting for 38.11 percent.

There were 243 graduates in the class of 2022. As of Aug 15, 136 graduates decided to continue their studies in China or abroad and 59 graduates got jobs or started their own businesses. Graduates who chose to stay in Hainan accounted for 35 percent of the total. In terms of further education, 22 of the 30 graduates who will continue studies in China are admitted to national key universities, while 100 out of the 106 graduates who will go abroad for further studies are admitted to the top 100 international universities in QS rankings, such as Imperial College London, University College London, the National University of Singapore, Nanyang Technological University, Cornell University, Columbia University, Johns Hopkins University and New York University. 

This year, choices of location for overseas studies are more diversified, covering more than 10 countries and regions. In addition to popular destinations including America, England, Singapore and Australia, non-English speaking countries such as Germany, France and Japan are also popular choices. 

This year, graduates from the college have been recruited into well-known companies and startups such as ByteDance, Nestle China, Azure Auto, FAW-Volkswagen, China Life and China Unicom.