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Parks and Recreation Management

Source: chinadaily.com.cn Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Training goals 

This major focuses on tourism planning and sustainable community development. It aims to train international-level planning and management talents with a global vision, who are familiar with international and domestic tourism planning concepts and procedures. Graduates of the program should also possess independent innovation capabilities. 

Through a curriculum based on Arizona State University's "Parks and Recreation Management" program and the use of select English-language teaching materials, the college ensures the program's courses are up to international standards and interdisciplinary. The college is committed to cultivating professionals who can adapt to urban and rural construction needs and the rapid development of the tourism sector. Graduates will help achieve the goal of sustainable and coordinated development of population, environment and regional tourism.

Core courses 

Introduction to Travel and Tourism, Tourism Geography, Principles of Urban and Rural Planning, Tourist Attraction Management, Introduction to Environmental Science, Recreation Planning and Facility Development, Community Services and Professions, Leisure and Quality of Life, Tourism, Recreation and Sports Marketing, Sustainable Communities, Program Planning, Computer Graphics, Leadership and Professional Development, Sustainable Tourism, Tourism Planning, and International Tourism.


Possessing professional skills and knowledge in urban-rural planning and landscape and leisure management, graduates are able to engage in the planning of tourist destinations, scenic spots, cultural and natural heritage sites and regional tourism.                                 

With a grasp of intercultural communication, English proficiency, and scientific research and innovation abilities, students can work in product-development, design, urban-rural planning, and other planning sectors in estate companies as well as international planning and consulting firms.

Graduates in the above discipline can pursue further education with considerable research capability.