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HNU launches 1st intl journal about tropical plants in China

Updated: 2022-05-24

Tropical Plants, the first international English-language journal founded by Hainan University, was published online on May 22. It is also the first international journal focusing on tropical plants in China.

Tropical Plants invited internationally renowned experts to serve as editorial board members. Its editor-in-chief is researcher Wang Wenquan, who is also the head of the comparative genomics and systems biology direction of HNU, as well as the chief expert of the national key research and development project "the Formation and Regulation of Important Traits of Tropical Crops."

At present, the protective development and utilization of tropical plant resources in Hainan have received great attention.

In addition to bolstering its basic research on tropical plants, HNU creates first-class journals to display this cutting-edge research and provides a professional academic exchange platform in this field.