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HNU student explores nature of glassy substance

Updated: 2022-05-05

Kong Fanhou, a doctoral student majoring in materials science and engineering at Hainan University, has published his research results on the application of amorphous electrode materials and high-performance storage devices.

During his studies at HNU, he has published eight science research papers, including six in the top journals of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. His academic paper on glass anode crystallization for high specific capacity lithium-ion batteries was published by Chemical Engineering Journal, which is the top international chemical engineering journal.

He explored the connections between ordered and disordered crystallization transformation and electrochemical lithium storage performance through silicon-based, vanadium-based, and other glass materials.


Kong experiments on amorphous electrode materials. [Hainan Daily]

For the first time, he constructed a redox structure-activity model for multi-electron reactions, such as amorphous surface defect engineering, crystallization regulation of amorphous materials, and substitution of oxygen, realizing the controllable transformation of valence bonds in amorphous electrodes.

The lithium battery energy storage device he developed has excellent electrochemical performance, which provides new ideas for the selection and development of next-generation metal battery materials. The results of this subject were selected as the subject of High-Performance Materials and Applications by the Haikou intellectual property office.

In addition, Kong has applied for 22 patents, five authorized invention patents, and four authorized utility model patents. He has presided over one provincial innovation project in 2020. He also has participated in eight domestic and overseas academic conferences, including the 2021 China Materials Conference.

In addition, Kong has assisted 13 enterprises, including Sinochem Group and China General Nuclear Power Corporation, in solving technical problems, as well as helped enterprises apply for more than 100 invention patents.


Kong shares his method of innovation during a lecture for an enterprise. [Hainan Daily]

Kong has been researching the application of amorphous electrode materials and has made breakthroughs in cracking the essence of glassy matter, which is an international academic frontier problem.


Kong (L) discusses the academic topic with his partner during his studies in the UK. [Hainan Daily]