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HNU dedicated to 'Nanfan' business

Updated: 2022-04-18

Since Hainan University established the Sanya Nanfan Research Institute on July 17, 2021, it has made important achievements in the innovation of tropical crop varieties, the prevention, control of important tropical crop pests and diseases, as well as the processing of tropical crops.

The institute focuses on "Nanfan" (a method of breeding and seed selection of summer crops in south China after these crops' autumn harvest has already been cultivated in their original regions) and "Tropics". It is committed to serving Hainan's local economic and social development by bolstering agricultural technology.

The institute currently has 26 research teams, as well as more than 380 teachers and students, including national talents like academicians of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. Its Nanfan Center building spans more than 46,000 square meters and possesses scientific research equipment with a value of nearly $31 million. It also boasts eight test bases, covering an area of nearly 233 hectares.

Containing many scientific research platforms, the institute currently has the National Saline-tolerant Rice Technology Innovation Center, the Hainan Tropical Facility Agricultural Engineering Technology Research Center, and the Nanfan Breeding and Seed Production Hainan Engineering Laboratory, as well as the Hainan Tropical Rice Engineering Technology Research Center.

The institute is committed to becoming a national tropical agricultural science center, a national tropical modern agricultural base, a global transfer base for the introduction of animal and plant germplasm resources, as well as a training base for high-level talents in tropical agriculture, contributing to efforts to ensure national food security.


The Sanya Nanfan Research Institute of HNU.