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HNU professor helps livestock germplasm resources development

Updated: 2022-04-13

The scientific research team of Professor Wang Fengyang of Hainan University and Huazhi Biotech jointly developed the Hainan black goat 10K liquid phase capture precise positioning and sequencing (cGPS) chip. 

This achievement means that an important standard for the conservation and development of Hainan black goats has been made.                   

Hainan black goats are a local breed of meat goat renowned in Hainan province. Based on the rich diversity of goat whole-genome resequencing data, the chip screened and obtained SNP loci with high polymorphism in different main high-quality goat breeds, SNP loci with high population differentiation index, as well as important traits related to immunity, heat resistance, and meat quality. There are nearly 50,000 gene association loci.

From these 50,000 loci, 10,677 representative SNP loci covering 9,993 intervals were selected to constitute the Hainan black goat 10KcGPS liquid-phase breeding chip.

The chip contains 803 genetic markers unique to the Hainan black goat population and 7,765 high polymorphism corresponding markers of other major high-quality goat breeds, which can realize breed identification and genetic relationship analysis of Hainan black goats.

The Hainan black goat cGPS chip provides digital resources for goat disease resistance and breeding. The application of this chip will help to identify the pure Hainan black goat lineage, scientifically guide the goat hybridization improvement work in Hainan province, as well as help the protection and development of livestock and poultry germplasm resources in Hainan province.