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HNU professor contributes to brain science research

Updated: 2022-03-23

Yin Ming, a high-level talent introduced by Hainan University in 2020, has been contributing to HNU's brain science research since the HNU established its School of Biomedical Engineering.

 He has been focusing on brain-computer interface technology and neural engineering research as well as by exploring new treatments for epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, depression, and other diseases with his colleagues.

He said that he was attracted to the university due to Hainan's unique advantages in the environment, climate, and species resources for carrying out brain science research. He also praised the open environment of the Hainan Free Trade Port as conducive for Chinese and foreign scientists to cooperate and conduct exchanges.

In addition to the salary, housing, family relocation, and research start-up benefits that come with the high-level talent introduction policy, Hainan University also gives Yin the priority to independently introduce talents, set up a research team, build laboratories, as well as decide the direction of his research.

Yin praised HNU's institutional explorations that encourage staff members to devote themselves to science and technology innovation, as well as accelerate the application of scientific and technological achievements. HNU also has a policy in which 95 percent of the profits from the transformation of scientific and technological achievements will go to those who made them, which has deeply inspired Yin.

Yin is full of motivation with his work in Hainan. He believes that Hainan should focus on developing its health care industry to make Hainan Island into an island renowned for health and longevity. He added that he will lead his team to continue working hard to solve problems in the brain science area.