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Hainan University welcoming applications

Updated: 2021-06-28

Hainan University (HNU) is one of the "211 Project" universities in South China, and is a national world-class university in terms of subject development. The university now has 10 first-class doctoral programs, 25 state-level first-class undergraduate programs, and more than 2,300 full-time teachers.

Hainan has developed from a remote island into a pioneering region of China's reform and opening-up process. Located in the Hainan Free Trade Port, HNU is a rapidly developing university in a special economic zone.

HNU is committed to boosting Hainan FTP's development and institutional innovation, ecological civilization, culture and tourism, tropical agriculture, marine science and technology, life and health, and information technology. It seeks to serve both national strategic needs and Hainan's economic and social development.

Hainan is a place where you can display your skills and talents, and realize your dreams and aspirations. HNU welcomes applications from students from home and abroad, inviting them to become a member of the 40,000-strong family of teachers and students at HNU, as well as to contribute to Hainan's reform and opening-up and its free trade port construction as a participant, incubator, think tank and reserve team.