Brussels Capital Region, Belgium

Greenbizz incubator, Abbatoir 2020: reconversion of the slaugher house side, & Innovative Initiative Urban Marketing



The Technical Committee commends the comprehensive urban renewal project that includes Greenbizz incubator-cum-SME low energy park, Abbatoir 2020: reconversion of the slaugher house side, & Innovative Initiative Urban Marketing. The innovation lies in the region's definition and follow-up implementation of a holistic strategy for the sustainable urban revitalization of the Canal Area that encompasses not just physical infrastructure redevelopment and creation of economic opportunities but also place making and place branding, social engagement and environmental transformation. The Technical Committee finds the scale and partnerships of the redevelopment commendable. The Canal Area is a central development axis of Brussels, covering an area of 2509 hectares (15% of the city's territory) and 17% of its residents.

Of significance is the effort directed towards sustainable economy, territorial cohesion and collective co-construction of projects with key stakeholders and the scale at which the initiatives operates. The comprehensive approach demonstrates how different stakeholders – public, private and people – can effectively come together to reimagine and redesign a new positive image of the city through urban regeneration and can serve as a reference for other cities. The regeneration projects further showcase how through architecture and design, existing and new economic activities can be harnessed to produce low energy people-centric industrial infrastructure and opportunities to support the growth of SME and circular economy.