Copenhagen, Denmark

Climate Resilient Neighborhood



This initiative is part of the strategy of City of Copenhagen for urban renewal of the neighborhood of St. Kjelds district, covering physical, social and cultural upgrading to address challenges of social housing, unemployment and low living standards. The cloudburst in Copenhagen in 2011 drew the attention of the city to the climate change risks. The Copenhagen Adaptation Plan was prepared and St. Kjelds was selected as the pilot area to build neighborhood resilience and improve urban life for 24,000 residents. The interventions include sustainable storm water management through green solutions on the surface to prevent flooding in the neighborhood; creating greener urban spaces through enhanced bio-diversity and branding of the neighborhood.

The Technical Committee selected the Copenhagen initiative because of the innovation in future-proofing the city with green climate change adaptation solutions at the street level, solutions which are scale-able to city-level and the prospective learning for other cities.