Jakarta, Indonesia

Participatory Planning and Good Governance


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The participatory planning approach adopted in Jakarta is to capture the infrastructure, social and economic demands of its 2,726 sub-district communities and more than 30,000 neighborhood communities at sub-district level in its annual development and budgeting plan. The aspirations of the communities are captured through a networking mechanism developed by the city government. The community proposals are decided in area development planning meetings and are submitted to the city government through web-based application- more than 46,000 proposals were received by the city government in 2016. This bottom-up process is combined with the top-down urban plans to formulate the annual development and budgeting plan, and this is implemented by 750 city departments/units.

The Technical Committee selected the Jakarta initiative because of its participatory planning approach to development of the mega-city and the learning prospects for mega-cities and metropolises globally.