Luleburgaz, Turkey

Sex, Egalitarian Approach and Directives



This initiative consists of a plan for municipal transportation services that is comprised of a team of women that constitute 50% of the team. As a team of designers and users they plan and implement transportation policy focusing on meeting the demands of users including women. This represents a significant change when compared to previous  practice of male centered public management, which condoned gender discrimination within public offices. Women have since taken on key management positions, which have helped empower women to have a voice in public transportation use and reflect the fact that they are the principle users of public transportation and spend more money for public transport than any other segment of society. The movement has also positively influenced other public and private professional working environments where female employment has steadily increased.

As a structural change in policy making, the Technical Committee sees this initiative as deeply transformative of how public resources are allocated in more gender-sensitive and egalitarian terms and can serve as an exemplar for other cities.