Menashe, Israel

Education towards Co-existence of Israeli Jews and Arabs



The Jewish and Arab communities in the Wadi area of Menashe are totally segregated and do not socialize. They have limited knowledge of developments and happenings in each other's communities. Against the backdrop of prevailing political tensions, this leads to stereo-typing, fear and hatred towards each other. In an effort to raise these communities' understanding of each other, the Program brings together nine pair of school classes, one each from Jewish and Arab communities, for six months of intensive joint activities to know about each other, develop mutual trust and relation, share a common area and work collectively on projects. This effort has brought together 600 students, dozens of teachers and over a thousand parents.

The Technical Committee has selected this initiative of Menashe city as the innovative approach to addressing alienation, distrust and hatred in cities, and for its transferability to many other situations that are less tense but suffer nonetheless from similar social, cultural and religious divides.