Ramallah, Palestine

Smart City, Freedom Thought Technology

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This initiative proposes a resilient social and technical strategy for community development. Despite the limitations on the usage of technology, this project has become a powerful tool, through urban private partnership in collaboration with national and local governments, together with academia and international cooperation agencies.

Through its smart city support, the initiative offers inclusive opportunities for planning and decision-making, with reliable information updated from the field. The use of ICT, integrates dimensions of smart utilities, mobility, environment, education, living, health, planning and governance.

The Technical Committee wants to highlight and support this project for its right to provide services for all the citizens in a very unfavourable context. Ramallah municipality has been able to implement a data management system, with significant improvement in the quality of services whilst overcoming severe restrictions and challenges regarding access to ICT.

The Technical Committee also appreciates the principles and values that underscore the municipality's actions notably in the fields of governance and transparency, quality and accessibility to services, responsiveness to emergency conditions, education, tourism and cultural activities.