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Real-name registration not required to buy 4 medicine types


According to a notice issued by Guangdong Medical Products Administation recently, residents do not need real-name registration any more to buy four categories of medicines, including antipyretics, antitussives, antivirals, and antibiotics both online and offline during regular epidemic prevention and control.

Latest COVID-19 disease prevention, control guideline explained


Health officials and experts responded to key concerns from the public about the ninth and latest COVID-19 disease prevention and control guideline released on June 28 during an interview on Saturday (June 16).

Guangzhou COVID-19 Update for July 9


On July 9, Guangzhou reported 1 local confirmed case and 1 local asymptomatic case, 3 imported confirmed cases and 1 imported asymptomatic cases.


Tips for those from places outside Guangdong with COVID-19 cases


What are the requirements for travelers from other provincial-level regions with local COVID-19 cases? On July 1, Guangdong issued the latest guide.

Guide for foreigners in Guangzhou: Medical services


​Guangzhou has a well-developed health care network, with general and specialized hospitals in every administrative district of the city. Foreign nationals can go to the hospital by themselves.


COVID-19 antigen self-test guidance


How to conduct a COVID-19 antigen self-test?


Self-test kits OK'd for earlier detection


China has granted approval to five COVID-19 antigen test kits made by local companies to be used for self-testing as a way to beef up early detection capabilities to cope with the more evasive and transmissible Omicron variant.

Guangzhou updates COVID-19 policy for Shenzhen, Dongguan


The Guangzhou center for disease control and prevention urges residents who travelled to/from Dongguan and Shenzhen in the past 14 days to do the following

Huangpu launches sequential immunization against COVID-19


Guangzhou's Huangpu district has launched sequential immunization in an effort to improve protection against COVID-19.


FAQs on China's COVID sequential booster immunization


Fully vaccinated people in China can now choose to receive a different shot from their original inoculation as a booster in a process called sequential immunization.

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