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Yuzhu taking on big role in Guangzhou AI, digital economy industries


The industrial guideline for Guangzhou's artificial intelligence and digital economy pilot zone was approved at an executive meeting of the municipal government on May 10.


Huangpu bets big on hydrogen energy industry


Guangzhou's Huangpu district is on track to become a hydrogen energy industry innovation core area with a scale of more than 100 billion yuan ($15.43 billion).


Huangpu biomedicine industry tallies $6.1b in operation revenue


The biomedicine industry of Guangzhou's Huangpu district recorded operating revenue of 39.61 billion yuan ($6.1 billion) in the first quarter of this year.

Modern service industry cluster


The Guangzhou Development District seeks common development of the advanced manufacturing and modern service industries.

Food and beverage industry cluster


Guangzhou Development District encourages the development of regional special cool food and beverage products, high-end food, functional food, green and organic food, urban leisure food and health food.

Energy saving and environmental friendly industry cluster


Guangzhou Development District promotes the enterprises to transform from parts processing to system integration, from product manufacturing to product research and development.

New material industry cluster


Guangzhou Development District promotes the development of a new material industry system led by electronic information materials, new energy materials, biomedical materials, energy-saving and environmentally-friendly materials.

Automobile and parts industry cluster


Guangzhou Development District explores its construction and key components, promotes the development of emerging fields such as automotive electronics and new energy vehicles.

High-end chemical industry cluster


Guangzhou Development District integrates the industrial chains of raw material refining, chemical preparation and chemical consumer goods manufacturing, promotes the development of the deep processing industry and the upgrading of existing industries.

Intelligent equipment and robot industry cluster


Here the priorities are aerospace equipment, industrial robots, rail transit equipment, and intelligent manufacturing equipment.

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