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Huangpu renovation projects see progress

Updated : 2024-05-20

An adjusted proposal for the old village renovation project in the Dengwu area of Jinkeng village was recently approved, making it the first such project of its kind in Xinlong town, Huangpu district, to receive zoning adjustment approval.

JinKeng village is situated in Xinlong town, serving as a crucial junction in the central part of Huangpu, positioned at the eastern exit of Guangzhou city and a gateway to the Guangzhou Knowledge City, in close proximity to JinKeng Station on Metro Line 21.


Rendering of the Xinlong town. [Photo/WeChat account: hpqshjscjh]

With a planned land area of 27.27 hectares and a total planned construction area of 88.58 million square meters, the project will incorporate features like the Youma Mountain Forest Park and Jinkeng River Greenway, seamlessly blending with the local culture to create an eco-friendly community with distinctive humanistic characteristics.

Additionally, the second phase of the resettlement housing selection event for the Yuzhu Old City transformation project was concluded. The project comprises a total of 853 resettlement houses, with over 440 units from the first phase already selected in January this year.

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