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1st park convenience service station built in GDD

Updated : 2024-05-20

On May 15, Guangzhou Development District (GDD) and Huangpu district in Guangzhou jointly established the first park convenience service station, located in the Liqi Intelligent Enterprise Park on Lianhe Street.


Rendering of the first park convenience service station. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

This service station covers over 500 pilot projects for government affairs items from the city, district, and street levels, aiming to provide efficient government services for park enterprises and surrounding residents.

The station is equipped with multiple intelligent integrated machines, offering access to over 2,000 items including business registration, social security, and medical insurance, assisting the public in quickly accessing information and printing necessary documents.

Adhering to standardized, regulated, and convenient design principles, the convenience service station features various functional areas such as self-service zones and waiting areas. It also includes an AI intelligent guidance screen for issuing policy announcements and service guides, facilitating the processing of government affairs for businesses and residents.

Furthermore, the station offers convenient services like video processing, handling over 170 district-level high-frequency government affairs services for enterprises and more than 150 street-level government affairs services.

Through the use of online counters, the service station enables remote video reception and video calls, transforming the traditional window service model into video processing, ensuring that the services available at the district government service center can also be accessed at the convenience service station.

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