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Nobel laureates illuminate Guangzhou Knowledge City

Updated : 2024-05-08

Huangpu welcomed esteemed Nobel laureates for an enlightening event in late April.

Over three days, four Nobel laureates engaged in dialogue across universities, research institutes, and innovative enterprises within the Guangzhou Knowledge City. The convergence of global scientific ideas at Guangzhou innovation axis sparked the discussion of new quality productive forces.


Nobel laureates hold a salon in a research institute in knowledge city. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

On April 30, luminaries like 2006 Physics Nobel laureate George Smoot, 2013 Chemistry laureate Michael Levitt, and 2016 Chemistry laureate James Fraser Stoddart graced the occasion in a salon in the district.

The event delved into pressing topics such as the role of artificial intelligence in forecasting, technology's contribution to regional development, and the impact of artificial molecular machines.

Moreover, the inaugural Nobel Heroes Dialogue in China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City showcased a fusion of forums, workshops, and interactive sessions. In addition to the grand event, laureates visited campuses and held exclusive industry exchanges.

Reflecting the event's global appeal, the Knowledge City International Science and Technology Center unveiled a portrait gallery featuring 49 Nobel laureates, immortalizing their contributions.


A portrait gallery featuring 49 Nobel laureates is open now in the center. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

Acknowledging the city's evolution, Professor Michael Levitt hailed it as an "impressive knowledge city," lauding its architectural marvels and knowledge-centric ambiance.

Guangzhou Knowledge City, as a China-Singapore joint initiative, epitomizes knowledge-driven development, fostering innovation and international collaboration.

The event not only celebrated achievement but also kindled a place for dialogue of intellectual exchange, propelling Guangzhou's status as a global knowledge hub.

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