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GDD shines at Geneva international invention exhibition

Updated : 2024-05-08

Guangzhou Development District (GDD) showcased their scientific and technological innovations at the 49th Geneva international invention exhibition, achieving unprecedented success.

Out of over 1,000 global inventions, two projects from the Guangzhou Huangpu Power Supply Bureau of China Southern Power Grid, or CSG, stood out, securing one gold and one silver award. 

The bureau's remote operation working robot project powered by mixed reality technology won the prestigious gold award. Meanwhile, the distribution network equipment monitoring and control platform that supports full and real-time status report and integrates multiple monitoring data sources clinched the silver award.


The bureau's remote operation working robot is powered by MR technology. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

This recognition underscores the innovation prowess of GDD as the Geneva International Invention Exhibition is noted as one of the world's largest and longest-standing invention exhibitions.

The district's strategic focus on innovation ecosystem development has fostered a dynamic environment conducive to breakthroughs and discoveries.


Guangzhou Science City is one of the prime examples showing the district's support to science development.  [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

Looking ahead, the district remains committed to fostering new quality productivity, promoting the seamless integration of innovation in production, education, research, and application, and embracing cutting-edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. By leveraging digitalization and intelligent approaches, the district aims to elevate the business environment and propel high-quality development.

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