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Science.now opens office in Guangzhou Knowledge City

Updated : 2024-05-07

Guangzhou's Knowledge City recently welcomed the inauguration of the science.now Knowledge City Office, a pivotal step in fostering global scientific collaboration.

As a cutting-edge scientific social networking platform, science.now garnered support from esteemed figures like Nobel Prize, Turing Award, Abel Prize, and Fields Medal laureates.

This initiative stems from the 2019 agreement at the Guangdong-Singapore Cooperation Council meeting, aiming to harness resources for international scientific talent projects. It solidifies the city's role as a place of innovation and a nurturing ground for emerging scientists.


Science.now opens a new office in Guangzhou Knowledge City. [Photo/WeChat account: guangzhougaoxinqu]

Under the management of the Guangzhou Knowledge City Investment and Development Co Ltd, this collaboration underscores China-Singapore's strategic alignment in technology, innovation, and talent cultivation. It represents a significant milestone in advancing international cooperation in scientific endeavors.

The upcoming Nobel Heroes Dialogue promises to provide actionable solutions for Nobel laureates interested in collaborating with knowledge city. It aims to attract top-tier international talent, fostering industrial and economic growth in the Greater Bay Area.

The event underscores the city's vision as one of the global centers for knowledge creation, talent exchange, and innovative cooperation, poised to shape the future of scientific research and development.

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