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Huangpu customs ensures smooth LNG bunkering for vessel at Dayushan anchorage

Updated : 2024-04-30

The Liberia-flagged vessel Gaoshan has become the first foreign ship in 2024 to complete bonded liquefied natural gas (LNG) refueling at Dayushan anchorage near Guangzhou. This operation was facilitated by the Huangpu Customs Frontier Inspection Station, ensuring a seamless one-stop clearance service.

From April 15 to 16, the Gaoshan received 1,530 tons of bonded LNG supplied by Marine Oil 301, meeting its fuel needs for the China-Australia route.

The Huangpu Customs tailored a personalized operational plan, addressing the unique characteristics of the Gaoshan, including its large tonnage and the complexities of the anchorage area. They handled administrative permits and registrations in advance and deployed officers to facilitate onboard clearance procedures.


A ship refuels LNG to another ship in Guangzhou. [Photo/Guangzhou Daily]

Six customs officers traveled from Guangzhou, spending over five hours reaching the Dayushan anchorage to oversee the "contactless" LNG refueling operation. This meticulous supervision ensured safe and convenient port clearance.

Dayushan anchorage, strategically located near international shipping lanes, serves as a vital refueling point for vessels traveling between South China and destinations like Europe, the Middle East, and Australia, offering significant cost savings for shipping companies.

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